I have been working with glass for three years now. I work in fused glass, stained glass, and blown glass. I love combining methods in the same piece, such as using fused or sandblasted designs in my stained glass pieces.

I enjoy designing pieces that are functional, like boxes, plant stakes, and nightlights.

I’ve always loved plants so I often get ideas for pieces and colors from my succulents and flowers at home. I really enjoy making arrangements of glass succulents using different colors and textures.

One of the things I love most about glass is that I am constantly learning new things and find new ways to experiment with color and techniques to make new designs. One of my favorite things about learning a new method of working with glass is then applying it to methods I’ve already been working with, such as adding painted enamel details to fused pieces or picking up fused components on a bubble to work with as part of a molten glass piece in the hot shop.

I love to garden, so my designs incorporate a lot of natural subjects like succulents, flowers, bees, and butterflies. I grew up going to the beach several times a year so I also make a lot of ocean scenes. Many of my pieces incorporate dinosaurs, spaced-themed objects like stars, planets, and UFOs, and lots of different kinds of turtles! I love those things personally, but I also have a wonderful time making pieces I think my nephews and nieces would enjoy.